As the Culturally Responsive Urban Education Center sends out our final discussion guide of the year, we would like to thank you for being part of the CRUE and engaging in conversations surrounding social justice in education.  We hope you enjoy the winter holiday season with your family and friends.  We look forward to bringing new opportunities available in the New Year.  Look out for information about the launch of our book studies, a  film festival, and how to become more involved with the CRUE Center.


Changing Education Paradigms: Sir Ken Robinson


A few months ago, the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts (RSA) out of London, England produced an animated video to a speech given by Sir Ken Robinson.  Robinson is an author and speaker on education in the arts to government, and non-profit agencies. This video is an animation from one of Robinson’s speeches on education paradigms and has been viewed close to two million times in the last few months. 


Take a look at the video, here. 


After viewing, answer the following questions to discuss some of Robinson’s ideas:


  • What is your reaction to Robinson’s argument that today’s  education system was created for the economic times of the industrial revolution and culture of enlightenment and does not work today?
  • What is your reaction to Robinson’s ideas about ADHD, aesthetic experiences and divergent thinking?  
  • What are the pros and cons of the current factory line education model? Do you agree or disagree with Sir Ken Robinson?
  • How might educators allow students to remain true to their culture and incorporate them in globalization?
  • How can educators encourage their students to get an education when the  current economic climate no longer proves that “if they do well, work hard and have a college degree” you are guaranteed a well-paying job? 





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