Get Involved!

The CRUE Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of Colorado's culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse students through advocacy, education and research. We are expanding and we need engaged scholars, education professionals, students, and community members interested in promoting and providing culturally responsive education throughout our schools.

In the Denver Metro area alone, education professionals who work with CRUE are participating in the conversation, sharing resources, engaging in progressive curriculum. Located within the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development and housed on the web via our interactive website, we are positioned to engage in conversation and action that makes a difference across Colorado.

Who we are and what we do:

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Shelley Zion and Dr. Suzanne Arnold, the CRUE Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of Colorado's culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse students through advocacy, education and research. We are a collection of individuals committed to transforming education into a socially just experience for all involved.

You are receiving this invitation to engage because your work, and ours, just might be well aligned. Where might you fit?

The Leadership Team- Interested in a committed role to the scope and work of this project? Membership on the leadership team might best match your needs.
Comprised of: University faculty, staff, and graduate students committed to culturally responsive urban education.

The possibilities include: contributing and participating in courses and professional development; creating content on contemporary issues in urban education and engaging in learning communities at local, state and national levels; participating in existing research efforts or building new research related to CRUE foci; and participating in grant opportunities.

Commitment: 2 hours a month collaborating with other individuals who are passionate about social justice and educational equity to make change both within the University and community. Individuals will engage in independent and collaborative work throughout the month to move forward research agendas.

Benefits: Opportunities for regular collaboration and support for research and outreach that can support culturally responsive practices in schools now. Enhancing your CV with high quality research and engagement in established paths that support increased culturally responsive practices in schools.

Affiliated Faculty- Do your research interests align with this work in ways you would like to be connected but are not ready to commit yourself to action? The role of affiliated faculty might be for you.

Comprised of: University faculty committed to culturally responsive urban education
Possibilities include: Contributing your expertise and efforts to conduct one or more CRUE related activities per academic year. Activities could be teaching or co-teaching professional development courses, leading or co-leading trainings offered by CRUE Center, developing and maintaining learning communities (at the University, partner schools, or online), research related to CRUE areas of focus— culturally responsive urban education, aligning to expand visibility of CRUE center and your own work, or grant writing and participating in grant activities.

Commitment: Attend monthly CRUE leadership meetings when topics align with your interests, research and/or projects.

Benefits: Opportunities to connect and work with a group of people committed to educational equity and social justice when it fits your interests and actions, and to enhance your CV.

Please email Hannah Withrow at with your level of interest and to open a conversation about how we might collaborate and engage. Leadership team meetings are held monthly in the Lawrence Street Center. Let us know if you would like to attend.