Any of our trainings, materials and resources can be customized for use in your school, district or organization. Organizations that are looking for a process to do comprehensive work around creating equitable school systems should also consider our intensive consulting package, which includes the following:

• A comprehensive needs assessment that identifies both strengths and challenges currently evidenced at all levels of the organization, from community and family perceptions to the ideas and actions of leadership
• Development of a long term plan that will ensure that current knowledge and information about the effect of equity on the educational system is not only implemented, but is integrated into the daily practices and policies within all levels of the system
• High quality professional development that not only provides leaders, coaches, and practitioners with the knowledge they need to understand the issues of equity in their systems, but equips them with the tools they need to effectively implement changes in their classrooms, buildings, and departments and ensures accountability for the results of those changes
• Ensuring continuous improvement through ongoing evaluation and assessment by strategically collecting data to inform decision making, and by establishing a clear and consistent process for input, communication, and feedback as to the perceived value and effectiveness of services provided

The CRUE team has a wide range of experience in conducting needs assessments, planning activities, and developing and leading professional development experiences at the building, district and state levels. Materials used in this process have been used nationally, with a variety of audiences, to get at the issues of bringing awareness of equity and diversity issues into practice via systemic approaches to change.

To schedule a conversation about consulting services please use our assistance request form.